Oilers Electric
  • Residential Wiring
  • Lighting Maintenance
  • Service Upgrades
  • Sports Lighting
  • Commercial & Industrial Wiring
  • Generator Installations/UPS Systems
  • Fiber Optic & Data Cable Installation
  • Emergency Service
  • Fire Alarm Service and Installation
Welcome to Oilers Electric
Oilers electric provides technically competent, hands-on, local representation for companies providing products and services to the electric power industry. Our member firms are successful, well established, properly staffed and understand the uniqueness of the markets they serve.

Oilers electric provides a forum where industry representatives share best practices and discuss other matters pertinent to the success of their businesses and the electrical industry they serve. Oilers electric develops and adheres to standards of excellence to help its members better serve both their customers and the companies they represent.
♦ Over 10 Years in Business
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Shani Ahmad
Master Electrician
Tel: 780-907-3800
Fax : 780-450-3800
Email: shani@oilerselectric.com